03 December, 2007

Remember November - new Bluehorses album goes to print

Greetings horsey folk,

It is a momentous time...
The smoke out of the chimney has finally turned white, and Nic was seen emerging from the depths of the forge here at Bluehorse towers, clutching a shiny new disc. There was a reverent hush in the reception party, followed by contentment and much back slapping - I even got a celebratory carrot! The seventh Album - Thirteen Fires was now a reality.

In the end, after months and months of nail bitting agony and waiting, everything happened so quickly - the art work was produced and approved, the final editing tweaks were applied, the disc mastered and "red booked" (not sure what this is but Nic says it is important), and I dictate this - I chewed my nails off so cant write - the hallowed disc is with the CD production company to be glass mastered, stamped and put into pretty digipacs for your delectation.

Thirteen Fires - Bluehorses
  1. Dance With Me
  2. Ray of Light
  3. Calling My loves
  4. The Ride
  5. Chant
  6. Raggle Taggle Gypsio
  7. The Unknown
  8. The Fool
  9. Aberdulais
  10. Waes Hael

This is a quote from Nic to give some of the background to Thirteen Fires..
"Over the last 15 years we've played numerous festivals in every country in Europe and Scandinavia, but compared to the stuff we've jammed in the privacy of Bluehorse Towers, we've always toned things down quite a bit.

Now thanks to the delights of YouTube, we've discovered there's a massive Folk Metal scene going on with fantastic bands like Korpiklaani and In Extremo and it's made us realise there's an awful lot of people around who want to hear the kind of music we've always really enjoyed playing.

We spent the summer at our studio up here in the Welsh mountains with Jay MacDonald our guitarist - who also played bass on Thirteen Fires - writing and recording the new album which has just gone to press, and we seriously think it's a bit of a stunning beast!"

Copies will be delivered (courier dependent) in time for the Xmas shows - with the web site and other channels having them available shortly afterwards - so an excellent opportunity to get ahead of the game and come to the shows. Liz and the boys are hard at work rehearsing the new tunes so expect to have many of them included with all your old favorites ;)

The Xmas shows are
14th December - The Flowerpot - Derby
15th December - The Railway - Winchester
16th December - Robin2 - Bilston

full details from the web site.

Previews (or rather full copy review versions) of six of the tracks are available on the Bluehorses MySpace site (www.myspace.com/bluehorsesrock). Mike also plans to get some video up on YouTube (www.YouTube.com/bluehorses) to compliment the MySpace tunes.

Hopefully we will see you at the Xmas shows, if not have a happy Yule and a fantastic new year (don't forget the new album they make fantastic stocking fillers)