02 March, 2007

Bluehorses February Feedback

Greetings horseheadz!

It's all go at bluehorse towers right now, as the band knuckle down to some serious songwriting and recording in preparation for the new album. - as you may have noticed :o) it'll be the first full album from the worlds hottest celtic rock band in over 6 years and all that pent up creative energy is leading to some very exciting new stuff!

"Pushing the boundaries and looking for ways to progress the bands music, as ever, while still maintaining the good time roll and roll outlook you know and love"
The guys have a stack of new sounds, but have also been looking back at some of the very early pre 'cracking leather' bh material with a view to getting back some of the medieval toons and instruments back into the set. This was always a mainstay of the bands live show and it's taken them 10 years to notice it's not there any more. bloody musicians, wot they on then eh??!

So, more than ever in keeping with the
"very 'eavy, (yet) very 'orses"
theme, it'll no doubt be the most storming and genuinely bluehorses album ever!

There's not even a hint of the release date (one learns!)... but rest assured, you'll be the first to know (after me of course) :o)

So that's it for this time, however before I go, just got to mention all the new features on the website. Mike's been very busy writing blogs and diaries, and editing videos from live shows - including montreux jazz fest 2006 - that you can't see anywhere else... I'll leave Mike to fill you in on all the details where you can find all this lovely stuff - its a bit "techno" but he can't help it!

your friend... ned

You may have noticed that over the past few months we have been linking to a number of other sources of information on Bluehorses from both this newsletter and, more interestingly, the main website. I thought that it was about time we summarised what these various delights were and what they help us with.

If you think there are other places we should have a representation, or a technology we should be utilising then please get in touch, we are always looking for new ways to spread the word. In a similar vein, if you want to help in anyway, Andy is always looking for volunteers. this could range from mentioning the band on a few of your favorite forums to putting up a poster or two.

MySpace ... Over the last one to two years MySpace has become almost the replacement to a standard website for a lot of bands, it is certainly the first place any newly formed unit will start their awareness campaign. Bluehorses has had a page - http://myspace.com/bluehorsesrock on their site for nearly a year and has been a valuable way of augmenting the main web site. If you have your own page please connect to us as a friend if you have not already done so, you could even have one of the audio tracks playing on your page.

YouTube ... In a similar way that MySpace has taken off as a music directory, YouTube has rapidly become a fantastic resource for video clips. There are a number of Bluehorses clips available on YouTube - http://Youtube.com/bluehorses and there is a simple way to "embed" these in other websites .. the Main Bluehorses web site front page has an example of this.

Gallery ... Andy has been collating a whole heap of pictures from over the years - they are mainly from gigs, but there are some from "behind the scenes" and "on the road". - http://bluehorses.paganhost.co.uk/ . If you would like to add any to the collection (full recognition will be given) then he will be only too happy to hear from you.

Blogs ... Another strange Internet phenomenon. Basically just a neat way to write a page with some formatting. We have been using this to collate a magazine format for this newsletter - as well as the news bulletins - http://horsenewz.blogspot.com/ and gig/ tour reviews and diaries - http://horsetailz.blogspot.com/, http://horsezine.blogpot.com/ . the great thing about these, apart from the magazine format, is that they can all be tied into RSS readers, so you can choose to add them into your news feeds and get the new articles as soon as they are published

Horseheadz Forums - This is an area for fans and the like to discuss things and to ask questions of the band. Like a whole host of other similar services, we reached a point late last year where the site was being overrun with Spam and adverts for a number of un-savoury things. However since clamping down on the registration process and reviewing all applicants prior to letting them post on the forums, we have managed to thwart all attempts since.