10 September, 2006

Bluehorses play on Radio Caroline

Bluehorses Newsletter September 2006

Greetings from the Unstables.

The band had a fantastic festival season this summer - not loads of festivals, but some of the most enjoyable they've ever played... Montreux Jazz Fest was obviously a real highlight, but Wickham, Farmer Phil's and the Rocking Beer Fest made for a memorable August with a huge volume of enthusiastic emails following every show..
Some very cool news for you this month...
1. Radio Caroline Live set
2. New Online Store open for Business
3. New Album Update

Radio Caroline 'Live' Set - 14th September - 10pm
On the way home from the splendid Farmer Phils festival a few weeks ago, Bluehorses stopped by Carolines DJ, Rob Leightons country cottage studio and were very proud to record a special live set for the radio station that changed the face of rock music radio in the 60's - despite the efforts by Harold Wilson's Labour Government to sink them... literally. More details:
Check out Carolines website to find out all the ways you can listen to the show - Internet, Satellite, Sky, Cable etc
New Goodies StoreWe are very pleased to announce our brand new online store is up and running. Thanks to the auspices of our insanely clever merchandise and web man, Bob Blue-Dreamer, we can now accept payment by Credit Card, UK Debit Card, Paypal and Cheque/PO
You can download MP3s from Cracking Leather and Dragons Milk and Coal too.
New Album UpdateWell... the ever increasing number of emails asking when we're going to produce a new album suggests that the 5 years since we released 'Ten Leagues' has been a wee bit too long...
The guys have been beavering (ooer, missus) away over the summer and have put together a plethora of new ideas in the BHTowers studio. It's been the usual process... write three, reject two, pull hair out, hit the heights of elation etc etc.

But that's the way it always is... BH music is very hard to write. When you listen to a Bluehorses song or tune, it'll usually sound pretty straightforward - if occasionally a little, ummm... unusual! in places, but the arrangements are actually very complex to give it that BH sound.

We don't always know what makes a Bluehorses song... but we definitely know what doesn't!!
To quote the Great Tap, it's a fine line between clever and stupid and we have to filter out a lot of the stupid to get the clever. When you fuse heavy rock and Celtic/folk themes, it's only one small wrong step that takes you off to Stonehenge :o)

But saying that, the writing process has been the smoothest it's ever been and is all coming together really well now... demo versions of an hours worth of music have been recorded and the band are very excited with the results. More writing sessions are imminent, Nic will start laying definitive drum tracks down in the next couple of weeks, and it looks like we're on target for release early in the New Year.

More news as it comes in...


That's about it for now folks, thanks for listening and don't forget to tune in to Radio Caroline next Thursday, 10pm and join the band in a very special, if tiny, part of rock radio history.

Slainte... Ned