08 October, 2004

Bluehorses New CD - 'Skyclad'

Dear Horseheadz!

The new Bluehorses limited edition, signed and numbered EP CD will be available very soon. See pre-ordering info below

Five very diverse tracks which, while displaying some innovative new angles, are still very much stamped with the distinctive Bluehorses hoof.

Black is the Colour
Morrisons Jig

This is a really cool recording which the band are chuffed as bunnies with! Four titles were recorded at ffg studio in the Cotswolds during September and we also wanted to include a live track, so the CD finishes with a storming version of stageshow favourite Twmbarlwm. Being largely improvised, Twm has changed dramatically (especially with the introduction of Lizzies electric harp) since we recorded it for the live album 7 years ago! (Blimey... :) It's pretty much 'as played' tho' we did add the odd bit of extra rhythm guitar here and there because... well, because we could really! Heheh.

You can view an image of the CD artwork and read some thoughts from Nic at

Best wishes, Mr Neddy


Pre-Ordering Info....
Due to many requests, we're offering pre-release ordering. To guarantee your copy of the CD, send a cheque/postal order payable to Native Spirit for £6.75 (£6 + 75p p&p) as full payment to:

Native Spirit
(Skyclad Pre-order)
PO Box 51
CF37 2LY

If you order more than one copy we'll cover any additional p&p, you only pay 75p. Please enclose a covering note stating details of your order, quantity, delivery address, email and phone number. If you'd like us to sign it personally to you or someone else, don't forget to tell us what name you'd like us to use (only available with pre-orders received up to the end of October)

As a special thank you for your continuing support, we'll also include a voucher for £2 off the next BH album with every order received before the end of October.

We won't present your cheque until just before sending your order, which will be despatched just as soon as we receive the pressing and get signing! This will be within 3 to 4 weeks from now, (October 8th)

Any Skyclad related queries - please contact us on:

cheers... the nedster