13 December, 2004

Yohoho from Bluehorse Towers

Greetings HorseheadzThis is just to send you our Very Best Wishes for Krimlo and the New Year from all at Bluehorse Towers.

Thanks once more for your support over the past year and making 'Skyclad' such a success. (If you don't have your copy of the new CD yet, it's only £6 from the online shop at http://www.nativespirit.co.uk)

I think there's still a few tickets left for the Xmas Bash at the Railway, Winchester on Saturday the 18th - if you haven't been to one of these 'do's', you don't know what you're missing! This years theme is "Alice Goes Goth in Wonderland" - Tickets 01962 867795

Looking forward to seeing many of you there on Saturday, have a great holiday.

Love and Peace from Mr Neddy