11 March, 2006

The Eagle Has Landed... Bluehorses DVD released

Greetings from Bluehorses Towers

#DVD Release info
#Gig at the Robin, Bilston Wolverhampton Sunday April 2nd
#Rare Cracking Leather Promo Copy for sale on Ebay

Apologies for sending a couple of newsletters so close together, but from all the emails, I know many of you are very keen to get hold of the DVD as soon as possible

And now you can!

We finally took delivery of the first batch of 2000 shiny dvds this morning...

Or rather Jay did, as the rest of us hid in the dovecot, cos we knew the pallets wouldn't fit through the door, requiring to be offloaded box by box, and feeling that kind of manual labour a little beneath us, heheh.

Pretty damn fine they look too

Go here for full details including a selection of free download vid samples.

The dvd is now available in the amazon.co.uk shop (and by snailmail-order and there's a selection of excerpts for you to download if you just can't wait for yer order to come through - they're small-screen sample clips, cos of download time, but it'll give a fair idea of what you've all been waiting for

The real thing is, of course, quite stunningly high quality, full wide-screen with digital stereo sound.

So now I'll just sit back with me jiffys in me hand, waiting for the floodgates to open oo-er missus...

NB. The dvd is in PAL format, which will play on any computers with DVD worldwide. It'll also be fine on all TVs in most places - except the States I believe. (It's 'All-Region' playable)

If any of our good friends in the US would like an NSTC copy - we can burn DVDRs to order. Please send us an email via the contact page on the website and we'll sort it out.
Copies of the DVD will also be on sale at...



The band are playing a one-off show at the Robin2, Bilston, Wolverhampton on Sunday 2nd April - come and get your DVD in person... The guys will even stick their monikers on it for you :o)


Rare Cracking Leather Skin and Bone Pre-release Promo copy for sale on Ebay

This has just been brought to our attention...

We've had well over a couple of hundred emails over recent years asking if we have any of these - we don't even have one ourselves!

This is the original NSBH CD001 disk, (blue design on white background) and has the track 'Farewell to JK' which didn't make it onto the later remastered version owing to a tech problem.

The main difference from the release copies is this one has laser-printed paper parts, with a different design.

The Ebay item number is:


That's it from me for a while now, enjoy the w/e and we'll look forward to meeting up with some of you in April

Cheers, Nedx

07 March, 2006

"Bluehorses... probably the only Celtic-Heavy-Folk-Rock-Metal-Goth Band in the world" - BBC.co.uk

"Bluehorses... probably the only Celtic-Heavy-Folk-Rock-Metal-Goth Band in the world" BBC.co.uk ..........................................................................................................

Greetings from Bluehorse Towers
And a special welcome to all the hundreds of new Horseheadz from all across the world who've signed up since my last missive.

Hope all is well in your world?

Much going on here at the Towers:

First, must remind you about the Sunday April 2nd show at the Robin2, Bilston, Wolverhampton ( http://www.therobin.co.uk )

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

DVD Update................................................

After a frustrating delay, we should be taking delivery of the first 2000 copies of the 'Live at Saul Festival DVD' in the next few days. Once we have them in our hands, they'll be available from the online store at http://www.nativespirit.co.uk and I'll send out a quick 'mail to let you know they're up there.

Pre-orders already paid for will of course be given shipping priority

For those that don't know (and from all the mail we've received about it over the last few months, that can't be many!) the bands' headline show at last years Saul Festival was filmed by a crack team of TV cameramen led by our good pal and top BBC director, David Wheeler.

It's a 2-disk set, one with the full concert on it which looks fantastic with stunningly high quality video and lightshow and superb 24-track digitally recorded soundtrack. Disk 2 features some cutting edge DVD design and includes a plethora of goodies, with off-stage/camp site footage (including the traditional BH festival chair-racing derby!), interviews with the band members, some live 'bootleg' vids and more... much more :o)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +++ + + + + + + + + + +

New Album Update.........................................

Yup, we know it's been a while, so the band have been worthily ensconced in the studio at BH Towers in the final throes of writing material for a new full length CD Album.

Can't say too much at the moment, but the band are really excited about how it's shaping up and the priviledged-few others who've heard the demos reckon it's the bee'z.

As someone said on hearing some early clips...

'It's Very 'eavy... But Very 'orses'

With a projected release date of early autumn, we're looking into producing an 'enhanced' CD - with a couple of video tracks to compliment the main audio tracks.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Well, I'm running late for me midnight oats and Mrs Neddy is threatening to pull the plug, so I'd best say farewell and hit the sack...

Thanks for listening