14 May, 2007

Bluehorses April Foolery

Greetings stable mates

Just a very short note this time as were all getting quite excited here in the stables ...

The first shows of the year are upon us .... Rhayn has been putting in serious hours learning some tunes, not necessarily the right ones, but was in top form for Derby. He has even learned how to jump around in his new Rocks!

Probably just a coincidence, but the Flowerpot was Jay's first show, and was also the first outing for replacement Rob! There will be a full report for the Derby show on the forum and in the "tailz" blog as soon as someone recovers enough to write it.

A couple more shows have been confirmed - Solfest and Cambridge - both in August, and the office is still chasing down several other probables and some possibilities. If this was down at the track we could publish some odds, but we don't have a licence to run a book in the stables, also Nic would make sure the odds were stacked in favour of the house!

Anyway, I feel the call of a little light exercise - chewing some oats - so must dash

See you at the Mayfest on the 27th


Forthcoming Shows

27th - Mayfest - Buntingford - Herts http://www.mayfest.org.uk/bands.html

July13th - Spratton Festival - Northants

August11th - Farmer Phils Festival - Shropshire
18th - Cambridge Rock Festival (formerly RBF)
23rd - Peterborough Beer Festival (Thursday night)
25th - Solfest - Cumbria

September22nd - Salisbury Festival

December - The Xmas Bashes
14th - The Flowerpot - Derby
15th - The Railway - Winchester
16th - The Robin - Bilston - Wolverhampton