15 September, 2007

Bluehorses August Procedings

Greetings stable mates,
Just back from me 'olidays, Liz and the boys took me to various fields around the country, so despite not being able to canter around Chepstow (the castle not the racecourse) with the rain last month, things got brighter throughout the month, and finished with an almost summerish end to the month. All of the pictures - http://bluehorses.paganhost.co.uk , gossip - http://horsetailz.blogspot.com , and general vibes - http://myspace.com/bluehorsesrock are available at a good website near you!Bluehorses started off in Shropshire at Farmer Phil's - organised chaos - this is what festivals are all about - we like this place. Playing on the revolving stage was again a tremendous thrill for the band, and despite the lightly rain falling, the band proved to be a crowd pleaser. The following week they had a mid-afternoon slot at Cambridge rock festival, only this time Radio Caroline broadcast the show live .... yep that was straight off the stage and into the ether ... so on top of all the people in the hall, loads were listening in. Hopefully we can make selected highlights available in the near future for people to re-live the experience - especially Mr Rich's birthday surprise. Next up was Peterborough - if you like Ale this was one for you, once the number of different beers got past 5, I lost count v- comes of not having fingers and toes!! - but I am told there was several hundred varieties. To finish up there was Solfest (north to Carlisle turn left, and stop when the grass turns blue/ grey/ white). Apart from the strange stage time (1am is a long wait) everyone had a blast... With all the fancy dress around I didn't even look out of place!.

Hopefully we will get some video clips from all these and make them available on Youtube next to the ones already there - http://youtube.com/bluehorses

So what is coming up for Bluehorses in September .... the smoke coming from the chimney is still not white, but does appear to be grey rather than black. (pope analogy there) Now the summer holidays are over everyone is back in the studio ... 4 of the tracks are being mastered, with a further 8 being finalised. Nic has started to design the artwork, and there have been discussions of a video to accompany a track or two - most probably Dance with Me - which was played at the festivals last month. The other tracks played at the festivals were Waes Hael and Raggle.

Next show for Buehorses is the Thomas Tripp in November - http://www.thomastripplive.com/

see you all down there

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