01 April, 2007

Bluehorses March Madness

April newsletter

Greetings horsey doodes and doodettes,

March has been manic here in the stables - I have hardly had time to draw breath keeping an eye on all that is going on!

First off there is all the comings and goings for the new album, strange sounds emanating from the tack room, and it wasn't the farrier making my new shoes, although I'm sure a pair (or two) of NewRocks would not go amiss!

Then there is the culmination of a years search for a suitable person to fill the stage left position vacated by Nathan - We welcome Rhayn to the paddock, and look forward to his first outing with the troop at the Flowerpot in May. He is currently hard at work learning the routine - you know stand around lonely looking bored, a bit of nose bag then trying to persuade the groom to scratch the right place! Oh and then there's the sounds he is expected to make! More details can be found [here]

Which brings me nicely round to the next item... We have had confirmation of a bunch of festival dates over the summer, and are continuing to work on others. These are all up on the website [here], But have added links below for good measure.

Mike's been busy adding "features" to the web site in a section called "anthology", amongst which I am proud to unveil :-

"Mr Neddy's Aural Audience Chamber"

More details on the updates can be found [here]

Finally for all those of you out there, who never had the opportunity, or had worn out your original copy, we have re-pressed the studio albums in the back catalog.
Cracking Leather Skin and Bone, and Dragons Milk and Coal are now available through the amazon shop, at the gigs from the merchandise stall, and also from other reputable outlets. These are also the places to purchase the other albums - Ten Leagues beyond the Wild Worlds End, Skyclad, and of course the DVD Live at Saul

Stay healthy - Eat Organic Hay!


Forthcoming Shows



  • 13th - Spratton Festival - Northants


  • 11th - Farmer Phils Festival - Shropshire

  • 23rd - Peterborough Beer Festival (Thursday night)


  • 22nd - Salisbury Festival

December - The Xmas Bashes

  • 14th - The Flowerpot - Derby

  • 15th - The Railway - Winchester

  • 16th - The Robin - Bilston - Wolverhampton

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